Nissan News in 2015

  1. 2015

    1. December

      • 45,000 Rogue owners should be careful where they park:

        “The [2015 Rogue] transmissions could move out of the “Park” position by mistake. Parking the vehicle and walking away could cause ...

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    9. January

      • Spring is in the air, so I hate to dredge up bad news from the depths of winter but I want to make sure you heard about Nissan and Infiniti’s January recall of problem that can quickly limit you...

      • You know the phrase “better late than never”? I don’t think that’s universally true. Take airbags, for example. An airbag that doesn’t deploy when it’s supposed to is dangerous, but an airbag th...

      • Roughly a year after an investigation was opened into inaccurate fuel gauges, Nissan has agreed conduct a “service campaign” for the 2007-2009 Quest.

        How does a service campaign differ f...

      • A class-action lawsuit aims to get to the bottom of an alleged transmission defect in the 2013-2014 Nissan Pathfinder.

        The lawsuit says Nissan installed transmissions that can shake and ...

      • Next time you leave your vehicle in park, don’t count on it being there when you get back. According to Nissan a problem with the transmission can make it impossible to actually get your vehicle...