Leaf Brakes Shrivel in the Cold Weather

The Nissan Leaf is having some brake problems in cold weather:

“The 2013-2015 LEAF has a relay inside the electronic brake booster that can freeze in cold weather and cause the driver to exert more effort to stop the car.”

I guess with a name like LEAF, we shouldn’t be surprised when things shrivel up and die in the cold.

Problem Timeline

  • October 2015: Nissan launched a “service campaign” in North America and said the problem wasn’t safety-related.
  • February 2016: Canadian Authorities asked Nissan to change the campaign to a recall because they were worried not enough owners knew about the problem.
  • March 2016: Nissan agreed to recall the affected LEAFs.

The affected vehicles were built between 11/19/12 and 07/31/15.