Problems You've Had (Or Will Have Soon)

The most frequently reported complaint has been the radiator issue in many 2005-2010 Nissans, but don’t sleep on the CVT in modern generations. Those are picking up complaints at an alarming rate.

Should You Trust Nissan's CVT?

All signs point to it being CVTerrible.

For a while cracked radiators were the number one enemy of Nissan transmissions, but these days it appears the transmissions are their own worst enemy.

Timing Chain Tensioning System Defects

It's not a stretch to call this a disaster

Nissan says their timing chains are just noisy, but not defective. Try telling that to the owners who have seen loose timing chains rattled their engines apart, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.

Inaccurate Fuel Gauge

Running on empty. We think.

Nissan fuel tanks are coming up empty, even when the gauge says there's another 60-80 miles in the tank. A recall proves Nissan has the issue, but it only covers a small percentage of the affected vehicles.

Coolant Leaks are Destroying Nissan Transmissions

Under a radiator attack

The transmissions of some 2005–2010 Nissan vehicles are under attack from radiators. Cracked radiators are leaking coolant into the transmission, and when it mixes with the transmission fluid it creates a toxic hell stew that irreversibly damages everything around it.

ESCL Locks the Steering Wheel

Service campaign will help some

Nissan owners are fed up with not being able to start their cars due to a ESCL defect. A new service campaign means defective steering locks will be fixed (at least in some models)

Sunroof Rattles and Explodes

It's Raining Glass

Heads up, Nissan owners! That giant piece of glass above your head may soon be on its way down in a thousand little pieces

Airbag Warning Light Stays On

The OCS is a POS

Think twice before calling 'shotgun' on your next ride in a Nissan vehicle. There's a long history of Occupant Classification System (OCS) problems which means the airbags won't deploy when it should.

EVAP System Clogs and Gas Spills Out

Here's the plunger you need.

Nissan owners are experiencing 'gas splash back' at the pump and it's likely because of a clog in the EVAP system.

Is Your Nissan Part of the Takata Recalls?

Most likely, yes.

Parts supplier, Takata, manufactured defective, shrapnel-hurling airbag inflators that need to be recalled. The issue affects 34 million+ vehicles spread out across 24 brands, making it one of the largest (and most dangerous) recalls in automotive history.

Oh, Snap. Fractured Versa Coil Springs Recalled

Nissan finally springs for the repairs

After years of the front suspension coil springs in the 2007-12 Versa are fracturing and popping tires, they were finally recalled.

Gaping Rusted Holes in Altima Floors

Not a problem if you're a Flintstone

There's a danger lurking right beneath Nissan Altima owner's feet as their floorboard are rusting out. Nissan knows about it, but will they do anything?

Jerking Transmission in 2004-2007 Models

What a jerk.

Some 2004-07 Nissans have frustrating transmission problems ranging from rough shifting between gears, hesitation while accelerating and sudden stops or jerking.

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