Common Nissan Interior Problems

  1. Visor Keeps Falling Down

    Cars are complicated and can break in many ways. So it's nice to have a couple things you can just rely on #working. Outside of the stalwart cup holder, I'd argue that another hero of the interior is the humble sun visor. And yet Nissan fou…

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  2. What Are We Missing?

    We know there's more problems than this. Let us know which one you'd like to see us cover next.

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Where Interior Complaints Happen

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

What Nissan Owners Say About Their Interior

You Can't Even Rely On Nissan's Sun Visors to Work Properly

First the driver's side sun visor broke and would not stay up. I thought well I will pick one up from Nissan if not covered under warranty. They wanted over $125 for one visor. This is not even the visor with lights?! A month later the passenger side broke! I had to take them both down so that they were not flapping all over as we drove.

You Can't Even Rely On Nissan's Sun Visors to Work Properly

The driver side sun visor unexpectedly drops, blocking the driver's view. For me it completely obscures my view. This will happen randomly. The warranty does not cover the repair (repair costs in excess of $435 quoted to me). I have read pages and pages or online forums with people having the same problem

You Can't Even Rely On Nissan's Sun Visors to Work Properly

Both sunvisors keep falling down while driving. It is so obnoxious and can be dangerous because I can't see when it happens. I used to think that Nissans were reliable, but since this has happened...I will never buy one again

You Can't Even Rely On Nissan's Sun Visors to Work Properly

These VISORS absolutely SUCK!! I have already repaired them, and now they need to be replaced. I have read all of the comments by others and this is not acceptable to me. I am just starting the search for a new vehicle for my wife. Nissan will not be a part of the process this time. They don't want to deal with a poor production problem and unhappy consumers!

You Can't Even Rely On Nissan's Sun Visors to Work Properly

The cost to fix was 150 dollars each not including labor. What a mess the car is held together by glue and plastic. It seems to be assembled on the Lego line. What is the problem guys? You make top dollar and put your customers at risk?

Recent Interior News

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  1. Certain Nissan vehicles are shutting themselves off while driving

    thanks to busted ball springs in the ignition switch, with a hearty assist from heavy keychains.

    In August 2017, the ignition switch supplier (Alpha Technology Corp.) told Nissan a problem occurred during manufacturing of the ignition switch ball springs. New tests were created for the ignition switches and how they would function on rough roads during vibrations of the vehicles.

    Tests concluded that those ball springs are giving out way too early. And without springs to support the weight of heavy key chains bouncing around on bumpy roads, the ignition is slipping itself from the “on” to “accessory” position.

    To make sure drivers don’t suddenly find themselves cruising down the highway with their radios on and their engines off, Nissan is recalling over 150,000 vehicles.

    If this all sounds familiar you might be thinking of Chevrolet’s long nightmare with faulty ignition switches. In fact, maybe now is a good time to mention the Chevrolet City Express has found its way into an otherwise all Nissan lineup of recalled vehicles. Seems like more than a coincidence.

    The one key difference is that Nissan’s airbag systems have an electrical capacity reserve, which means they should still stay on even with the ignition in the “accessory” position. Chevy owners weren’t so lucky.

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  2. GT-R owners in Florida have sued Nissan for manufacturing defective dashboards that melt under the hot sun.

    And if there's one thing Floridians know, it's hot sun. According to the GT-R lawsuit, the plaintiff says he took the vehicle to a dealership and was told it would cost about $2,000 to replace the dashboard.

    Heuer says he asked Nissan to cover the cost of the replacement, but was told Nissan would not spend its money for the dashboard.

    Beyond cosmetics, the lawsuit says the melting dashboard is a hazard because:

    1. The dashboards become shiny and reflective, causing vision problems while driving.
    2. There's a noxious chemical smell emanating from the melted plastic.

    For now, the lawsuit is limited to Florida residents.

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