Heads Up, Rogue Owners! Lift-gates Have Been Falling Down

Heads up, Rogue owners!

Your rear lift-gate has “stays” that are supposed to keep the lift-gate in place when you open it. Only, they aren’t staying at all.

So not only do you have to try and load the groceries while keeping your kid from running in the parking lot, but you might have to dodge falling doors while you’re at it:

The rear lift gate stay provides power assist to the rear lift gate and operates under high pressure gas. If the anti-corrosion coating is insufficient (there can be) a sudden release of pressure. The rear lift gate suddenly falling down can cause severe injuries to anyone near the gate.

This has happened in enough 2014-16 Rogue’s to warrant a recall. The affected vehicles were built between July 31, 2013, and January 16, 2016.