EVAP Clogged Up? Nissan's Warranty Extension is the Plunger You Need

Nissan Covers EVAP Clogs

If your EVAP system ever clogs up, this massive warranty extension is just the plunger you’ll need:

Nissan is calling it the “EVAP Emission Warranty Policy Enhancement” that will extend the evaporative emission vapor vent tube warranty to 15 years or 150,000 miles, whichever occurs first, if the tube is clogged.

The extension covers all 2003-2017 Nissan models (more info below). That’s a lot of vapor tubes.

What is EVAP?

EVAP stands for the evaporative emission control system.

It’s job is to trap any gas vapors that are trying to escape the tank or fuel system in your vehicle. Those trapped vapors can be recirculated and used in the engine rather than polluting the environment.

There is a tube that sits between the fuel tank and the EVAP vapor canister. If that tube gets clogged up, Nissan says it can confuse the vehicle’s software which means:

  1. It will trigger the check engine light
  2. It will probably stop your car from passing an emissions test
  3. Gas can spill out of the tank next time you go to fill-up
Filling the Tank with a Clogged EVAP System

Nissan EVAP Emission Campaign

In March 2017, Nissan announced their EVAP Canister Warranty Extension. In total, the automaker believes the extension covers about 12.5 million vehicles but stresses that vapor tube clogs are rare.

What does this mean for owners? Well, nothing if you haven’t noticed a problem … at least not yet. From CarComplaints.com:

Nissan will mail owner notifications about the program and included with the letters are peel-off labels used to remind owners of the program. Nissan emphasizes the vehicles are perfectly safe to drive and there is no need to bring a vehicle to a dealer unless problems are noticed.

The warranty extension is now in place in case your EVAP system clogs up. Owners who have already had to pay for vent tube repairs, may be eligible for reimbursement.

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